1. Listen Up
  2. Wil' Out
  3. Tell My Baby
  4. Gimme Some Space
  5. Tell My Baby
  6. Intimate Affair
  7. Lyrical Guide
  8. Feels So Good
  9. Take The Planet Back
  10. The Get Down
  11. Colors v2
  12. Same Mistakes
  13. Curtains

Adam Gold: electric pianos, synth, vox
Jack Brown: vox
Emanuel Washington: drums, percussion

Matty J: vox on Track 8,
DJ Afar: turntables on Track 4,
Slickback Scumbino: adlibs on Track 3.

Arranged by Sophistafunk.
Music by Adam Gold, Jack Brown (track 11).
Lyrics by Jack Brown.
Additional Lyrics by Adam Gold (Tracks 3, 5, 7) & Matty J (Track 8).

Recorded & Mixed by Jocko Randall at More Sound Recording Studio.
Mastered at Jim Wilson Mastering in Boulder, Colorado.
Produced by Sophistafunk & Jocko Randall.
Artwork & Design by Jon Daly at

Copyright 2011, Sophistafunk, LLC
Funk Is So Phat Records, All Rights Reserved

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